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We had Carlton install our pool in 2005 in 2008in cracked in 2009 it cracked and leaked Carlton said use the pool over the summer we'll chip out the cracks next spring, they did ,but they also put paper bags in the repair areas then putting a thin layer of cement over them. Plaster guys were taping the repairs to mare sure they were solid when the hammered through them thus stopping our pool from being plastered,finally the did finish the pool and we enjoyed it that summer.

Bu in 2011 when we opened it again all the cracks were back, they did believe us we sent them picture which they first said were from the previous year, finally Bob Wood came out took more pictures and said that they would replace it in the fall. We told them they needed permits to do this but Bob Olsen V.P. OF Carlton said none were needed so playing word games with him I told them go ahead but you 'll need a permit, they Started and 1 1/2hours later they were shut down as the code officer explained they needed permits which in the warranty states Carlton will try and get the permit but if they can't I need to get it. Bob Olson explained to us that seeing we talked to the township about our pool he wasn't going to get the permit I had too if I wanted my pool replaced.So I tell him what is needed and he plays games by sending half the prints needed and then waiting another week to send the remaining prints to us ,finally today we get the permit at our expense only to get a email from Bob Olsen stating that if we had played his game we would have had our pool torn out and replaced by now.

Well as I stated to Bob Olsen I do thing legally. There are allot of reasons for us to get the permits from insurance reasons to safety .

So beware of this and talk to your township and insurance agent to see what they have to say about putting in a illegal pool you'll be very surprised at what you'll find out..

Product or Service Mentioned: Carlton Pools Repair.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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Did they fix your pool? What kind of surface do you have


At least Bob Olsen didn't pull a gun on you. Consider that a victory.

to Hindi #859391

Sounds like you have issues besides pool installation problems. Didnt get enough attention from daddy?

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