I purchased a pool last year from Carlton Pools and was very satisfied about the quality of the pool and about the service I got. I was very satisfied about the sales team and with how they answered the phone and got back to me.

What I WASN"T happy with was they didn't tell me I had to pay for the DAM water that I put in the pool. It was over $300 dollars. I mean please wouldn't you think that if you buy a pool it comes with the water?

So be warned that they don't sell you a pool with out water. NO WATER and guess what you can't swim until its full of water.

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If you believe a customer thought that their pool came with water then Carlton has a bridge to sell you. Watch out as Carlton people post most of the positive comments on this site :(


Must be a small pool. It will cost us $1200 to put water in our pool and we had HORRIBLE experience with this company on top of having to put the water in the pool!

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